1. 3Dtiskservice.cz
  • Industrial sourcing

    Relationship with the supplier: sharing and circulation of information, management of the QCD, costing of modifications, product improvement, etc.

  • 3d technology

    Show your products to better sell them! use 3D printing.

  • Industrial data

    We offer solutions for your task automation production! Based on VBA, Google script, Android technology

  • Technological innovation

    Innovation transforms the way of doing business and thus stimulates the growth of a company.

3Dtiskservice is committed to supporting you on your projects with a permanent requirement of quality, rigor and professionalism in the realization of studies, the documents submitted, the monitoring of operations.

It is our commitment to Quality.

We are committed to providing our clients with services that are fully in line with their needs. We are always looking for a way to satisfy our customer by our availability and by the result of our work. We are satisfied when our Customer is satisfied.

This is also our goal, the satisfaction of our customers.

Our commitment: to provide you with Quality work and succeed in obtaining your Satisfaction.


Customer satisfaction